Now Showing in The Robert F. Cage Gallery

Amy Burczyk: Symbiology & Zoology

art by Amy Burczyk Opening Reception November 2, 3-7:30pm

The art appearing in this exhibit are the works of the wandering mind of a recluse, the random flights of an ADD afflicted imagination and the retelling of stories already told.

Stories are told through the use of paint and colored pencils rather than pen. Books, movies, songs and every day experiences are my fodder. Animals, objects and ambiguous figures are my vehicles. There is nothing dark and brooding here to see; rather a cacophony of colors used to relate these narratives through the eyes of child-like joy and happiness. Each piece is meant to take the viewer on a pleasant journey of “what if?” and “why not?”. Enjoy the trip!

Artist Profile

  • A non-traditional graduate of Mount Mary University, Milwaukee, WI (degree in Interior Design, almost degree in Fine Arts, and starter degree in Art Education).
  • Participated in many art shows/exhibits working in ceramics, fibers, oils, acrylics, photography and pastels. The most memorable and influential to my art career; the First place ribbon for my “Dental Hygiene” poster, pencil and crayon, 2nd grade.
  • Currently illustrating a children’s book inspired by my three AWESOME children (Amanda, Andrew and Allicia), and authored by my Mother (who I’m sure is a direct descendant of Leonardo Da Vinci).
  • Lives in Sutherlin, VA (aka “Wonderland”)

Little known facts about Amy

  • I am addicted to … color, coffee in the morning before ANYTHING and sketch books with their dirty little secrets.
  • My life philosophy … a Forrest Gump fatalist with the God-given free will to look at most situations with optimism.
  • If I had special powers they would be … “to kill a yak from 200 yards with ‘mind’ bullets, or rather, the power to move you” (borrowed from Tenacious D).
  • I suffer from … EDTD Easily Distracted Thinking Disorder for which I am considering starting a fund drive (I could buy more art supplies!), but I’ll probably get distracted and it will never get off the ground.
  • My favorite Artists … Hieronymus Bosch (El Basco) and George Melies; both unafraid to explore their dream images and share them with the world. John Tenniel, who drew the quintessential Alice characters. And Picasso - not his paintings (practically artistic anarchy!), but his drawings. What he could do with a simple set of lines never ceases to amaze and inspire me.