Now Showing in The Robert F. Cage Gallery

Brenda Cardwell

Showing September and October

Cardwell - For the Love of the Garden

Parsons-Bruce Art Association is pleased to announce the opening of Brenda Cardwell’s art exhibition in the Robert F. Cage Gallery at the Prizery in downtown South Boston Sunday, September 11th.

Brenda Cardwell is a resident of Whitsett, North Carolina and describes her artistic ability as an emerging talent. “In the mid 1980’s, I was bored and decided to go to the local arts and crafts store where I purchased five small tubes of watercolor paint, a brush and a tablet of paper. Having no knowledge or formal education on the subject, I began to play with putting images to paper and adding color. My skill level was barely above stick figures, so that was the end of that little experiment,” she explained.

Cardwell - Backyard at Chesney" Late in the 1990’s, Brenda took a couple of workshops with an artist who showed students some basic principles of the properties of watercolor. Frustrated once again, Cardwell said, “I didn’t seem to have any talent for art and painting. Every image I produced for the most part was tight and juvenile. I was discouraged and put everything in a junk drawer.”

A few years later in 2005 she stumbled across a flyer for a local artist from Greensboro, NC, who had weekly classes at her home studio. “This is where I began my serious journey to hone in on any potential that I hadn’t yet unearthed,” she explained.

The classes she attended at the studio in Greensboro were loosely structured with everyone painting at their own pace and skill level allowing her to take the initiative to read and explore books by many artists. Some of the artists she studied made a great impression on her career. “As I studied and practiced the works of artists such as Dave Millard, Tom Lynch, Milind Mulick and many others, the artist within me slowly began to emerge and I developed my own style of colorful, loose images,” she said.

The public is cordially invited to attend the opening of Brenda Cardwell’s exhibit and reception Sunday, September 11th from 3 pm until 5 pm in the Robert F. Cage Gallery at the Prizery in downtown South Boston.

Brenda Cardwell’s exhibit will be on display for viewing and purchasing until mid October during the Prizery’s regular operating hours.